Proof of destruction! REAL Proof!

Proof of destruction is an essential element in the chain of custody.

It is important to know that the data carriers were indeed destroyed and with which security standard!

When using an outside service company, often the replaced data carriers are being kept in storage until the service company collects them. Storing the data carriers does not exclude the possible risk of loss or theft. Once they are collected, the data carriers are usually scanned and are taken out of your building to be destroyed. To be 100% sure that they are indeed destroyed would mean that somebody from your organization would have to be physically present during the destruction process. Otherwise, the “proof of destruction” report you receive may be nothing more that “proof of reception”. Furthermore, it is important to know who would be liable for reputation damage and possible penalties if, at a later stage, it turns out that certain data carriers were not destroyed.

The MAXXeGUARD shredder can be equipped with the unique possibility to provide a machine generated report, complete with photographic evidence taken inside the machine, of each shredded product. Once the product is scanned by the operator and placed inside the MAXXeGUARD, the machine will scan the product and will determine whether this data matches the data scanned outside the machine. If the match is established, a photograph will be taken and the product will be processed. Upon completion of the destruction cycle, a date / time stamped report, including the serial number of the destroyed hard drive, the programmed settings for destruction (i.e. cut length) as well as the photograph taken, will be generated and stored.

Owning your own MAXXeGUARD allows you to immediately destroy the replaced date carriers (eliminating the risk of loss or theft during storage), to perform the destruction cycle in-house (your data carriers will not leave your premises) and to determine yourself the appropriate security standard. Obtaining a machine generated report of destruction completes the total process. No doubts, 100% sure!